Term dates

Starting school in September (provisional plan)

Weeks 1 and 2

  • Tuesday 1st September and Wednesday 2nd September: INSET Days (school closed to all pupils).
  • Thursday 3rd September and Friday 4th September: Story time slots throughout the day – to be held outside. Groups of 6 children and 1 parent/carer, no siblings if possible please.
  • Monday 7th September and Tuesday 8th SeptemberStay and Play for 1 hour, 6-8 at a time (no parents/carers, sessions to be allocated).
  • Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th  September (inclusive): half days, either am or pm. No lunch and sessions will be allocated.

Week 3

  • Monday 14th September to Thursday 17th September (inclusive): Half days, either am or pm. No lunch and sessions will be allocated.
  • Friday 18th September: All pupils, all morning and lunch. No pm.

Week 4

  • Monday 21st September: All children in full-time

If we feel that your child is finding it difficult to manage full days in school (this is very common in young children) we will let you know and discuss their individual needs with you. Please let us know if you feel you would like to talk to us in more detail about your child.

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Term dates 2020-21

Term 1

Start: Thursday 3rd September 2020
Finish: Friday 23rd October 2020

Staff training days: Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Term 2

Start: Tuesday 3rd November 2020
Finish: Friday 18th December 2020

Staff training day: Monday 2nd November 2020 WMAT conference 

Term 3

Start: Tuesday 5th January 2021
Finish: Friday 12th February 2021

Staff training day: Monday 4th January 2021

Term 4

Start: Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Finish: Thursday 1st April 2021

Staff training day: Monday 22nd February 2021

Term 5

Start: Monday 19th April 2021
Finish: Thursday 27th May 2021

Staff training day: Friday 28th May 2021

Term 6

Start: Monday 7th June 2021
Finish: Wednesday 21st July 2021


Term dates 2021-22

Term 1

Staff training days: Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 September 2021
Start: Friday 3 September 2021
Finish: Thursday 21 October 2021
Staff training day: Friday 22 October 2021 

Term 2

Staff training day: Monday 1 November 2021
Start: Tuesday 2 November 2021
Finish: Friday 17 December 2021

Term 3

Start: Tuesday 4 January 2022
Finish: Thursday 17 February 2022
Staff training day: Friday 18 February 2022

Term 4

Start: Monday 28 February 2022
Finish: Friday 8 April 2022

Term 5

Start: Monday 25 April 2022
Finish: Thursday 26 May 2022
Staff training day: Friday 27 May 2022

Term 6

Start: Monday 6 June 2022
Finish: Friday 22 July 2022

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